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Name cards are the guarantee of high quality and  accuracy in manufacturing. The material they are made of and their look are similar to credit cards. Not only are they characterized  by an aesthetic appearance and extreme durability but they are also very hard to fabricate. They can contain a storage media – magnetic stripe, chip or proximity module. Because of that, they can be use in access control systems and working time registration systems. Card name badge are also useful in any kind of schools or during outdoor events. The inscription on card can be printed in multicolour and is protected before erasing with transparent foil. The card can be fully personalized by printing a photo of the owner on it. There is a possibility of one or two side printing. Depending on a card type, there are many ways of fastening: clips, safety-pin, magnet, stapler, leash, holder or chain.

Dimension: 86x54 mm (size and tickness like a credit card)

Inscription: sublimation on a whole surface in multicolour (CMYK) or backing by offset printing and personal data printed by sublimation

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